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Google Maps on Your Website

Google Maps is one of the most popular services from the Google Inc. This innovative software revolution by two Danish brothers heralded a new way people are searching for places on the Internet. From main administration building, over retail stores to popular tourist destinations, Google Map offers detailed route planners, directions, street maps, altitudes, user reviews, available transportation, etc. All you need to use the Google Map on Your Website is to get the simple JavaScript code that is available on our website.

Embedding a Google Map in a website

Well if you are wondering how Google Map could help your business, here’s the sea of opportunities and possibilities that are in store with Google Map.The primary path towards expanding your business is to attract your customers. People usually have very less time and leisure to look for place. And in all probabilities, they would prefer searching for a particular business or event sitting within their homes. So if you integrate a map into your website then all your prospective customers are just a few clicks away from you. Embedding a map to a site does not call for any particular type of site configuration. It could be a private or a commercial website. The maps not only function as a directional device but also display exact locations by icons and pins. On Google Maps images show up against the location, that provide potential visitors with the size of the venue and related images from occasions that were held in the area. The maps therefore serve as an important tool in delivering information of an area. E.g. for vacation accommodations, apartments, restaurants, event locations about the accessibility, the area, surrounding and facilities nearby like, grocery stores, metro stations, retails, parks, etc.

Google Map Embed code

Google Map could be integrated into your website by following some simple steps. A JavaScript available on this website has to be embedded into your website.

  • Fill in the address form on top of this website.
  • Choose the type of Map that suits your business best - hybrid, terrain and others.
  • You will have to choose the size of the Map and grade of zoom. This would vary depending on your website’s layout and dimensions.
  • The website instantly generates a Java Script code.
  • Copy the Java Script code and embed it into your website.

Generate your Customize Maps for your Website

Google Map is one of the easiest features you can embed into your website, as long as you have a flare for programming. For example, Google Map API comes with a unique identifier, which ensures communication between your website and the map. Google uses this identifier to track your website traffic too. Nevertheless, all of these involve serious programming skills. Yes, contrary to popular believes, integration of Google Map using the standard Google API could be an intimidating task and could involve overhead costs of hiring a programmer.

We provide you a simpler solution through the map generator code. Enter the address location, choose the map features, size, zoom level and click on a button. The website generates a piece of Java Script Code which you need to simply copy and paste into your web page. That’s all.

Google Driving Direction

Wasn’t it really hard to plan a trip online, just a few decades back? Finding the right directions, transportation, maps, altitude, time zones, etc.? Google Maps provide people free guidance on driving directions, images of areas and information about a place. The various options in Google Direction allow you to travel easily to your intended destination even when you know little about the area. It provides you crucial information about the traffic of a place, construction sites, blocked streets and even an approximate time estimate depending on the mode of transportation you choose - driving, public transport, walking and bicycling. It even guides you on available airlines, trains or busses including schedules, daily timetables. Moreover, all of this information comes free. You can even save the planned route and print it for later use. So all you need to do is copy-paste a simple JavaScript and help customers to get to your business without any detour.

Google Maps Reviews

Google Maps provide its customers with absolutely important information about a location. It includes panoramic view of the area, local cafes, and restaurant. Google Maps can also be viewed on mobile phones. As most people search for locations during travel, mobile searches are more frequent than desktop or laptop searches. The user reviews are incorporated into the maps and customers are provided with genuine feedbacks that help them make informed decisions.

Embed Google Map To Add Value To Your Website

It is more likely that customers visit your business organization if there is a map on your website, because they needn’t leave the website to search for directions to your store on the Internet. With the Google Map integrated onto your website, customers find every relevant information, right on the “contact us” page. This feature is particularly beneficial if you intend to attract the local customer base. It’s quite obvious that customers would prefer visiting a local store just a few blocks away rather than driving to another distant corner of the city. All you need is a location pin on the Google Map, informing them of your existence, within very close proximities.Using Google Maps has another key benefit. Customers get to view every feedback you ever received, right against your location pin on the Map. This probably plays an extremely crucial role in influencing your potential buyers. All it takes is a fairly simple copy-paste operation and you get a chance to steer several miles ahead of your customers. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Contact - About Us